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Welcome to Kids 'N Us!


Our Mission


We exist to provide safe and dependable childcare for a diverse set of parents and guardians of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels. We succeed by offering affordable childcare paying special attention to the details of each and every child.

Quality Parents Like, Care Kids Love

What We Offer


We offer a low entrance fee of $165 and a weekly rate of $100 for children under the age of 5. For children needing afterschool care we host a fee of $65. Each enrolled child is provided breakfast, lunch and snack if they are present for a full day. Children enrolled in the afterschool program receive a snack and homework assistance, focusing on the child's nutritional and educational enrichment.

Full Circle Moments

Our goal is to not only provide the best and most affordable childcare but to also cultivate long lasting relationships that establish a generational cycle of clients who will frequent the center. In this manor, we have the pleasure of helping raise children trusted under our care and we are awarded the opportunity to do the same for the next generation. This is a full circle moment in which we take great pride and joy!

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